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Really enjoying diving into the fediverse; so much to discover!

Took the plunge and dropped the dual Windows 10/Arch Linux boot from my gaming rig, and finally going full Arch. Fresh install and I’m ready to main Linux for the first time ever. Feeling confident about this. 👍

I see that Blizzard has taken a hard stance on multiboxing World of Warcraft by banning the use of key-broadcasting software. As a (now former) 5-account multiboxer, I guess I’ll be saving a fortune every month now. On the upside, I won’t feel guilty spending time playing my backlog of non-subscription games.

Naturally, the new treadmill I ordered from Amazon to replace the one that caught fire is now back-ordered with no estimated ship date. Trying to meet my calorie targets outdoors during Canadian fall isn't easy, and will only get harder as we move into winter.

I haven’t gamed on Linux in years, so I am delighted to see that the state of Linux gaming has come so far. Truly impressed that nearly all my Steam games are pretty much good to go out of the box, and Lutris does the rest.

What an action-packed yet disappointing weekend: stung by a wasp for the first time in 30 years, and my treadmill motor unexpectedly caught fire during a workout.

Alternating taking full and half-day off on every Friday from now until the end of the year is a great way to rid myself of excess vacation time before the end of the year.

Surprised by someone knocking on my door today asking for cannabis.

Apparently an enterprising person running a nearby cannabis dispensary out of their house thought slapping a Google Maps business listing pin down right on top of my house to give would-be customers a general idea of their location without revealing their own would be a good idea.

To their credit, Google removed both the pin and business listing within 30 minutes of reporting!

*installing Arch Linux for the first time*

How hard can it be? I don’t need to read the documentation.


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